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Bill Edsell, of Ventana Bay Resort in Baja California Sur Gives a History: From the Luck of Odd Shaped Lots to Why the Community is So Great

Bill Edsell of Ventana Bay Resort – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingFrom an interview in July, 2016 by Chuck Bolotin, Best Places' VP. Business Development:

Chuck: Bill, you are a real legend and pioneer here in the La Ventana area, which we should let everyone know is a little seaside village about 40 miles southeast of La Paz.  Everybody knows “Mr. Bill.”  Please let our visitors know your story in the area.

Bill: My story starts in 1982.  I had been to Mexico and I wanted to open a wind surfing school. I looked around all...

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Spencer McMullen in Mexico: Unlikely Events, Being Able to Help Out, and a Problem With Names

Spencer McMullen Legal Commentator on Good Morning America – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingI’ve led an interesting life here in Mexico.

I had been doing mortgages in the US for over 15 years and started coming to Mexico when a lot of the US lenders had just started programs for Americans buying in Mexico. I thought, “Wow, I kind of want to get in on that.”

I started to get my papers in Mexico so I could work legally in the northern part of Mexico while still living Santa Barbara. At the time, I found the property in Chapala that I wanted to buy. I started taking...

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The Road from Puebla to Cordoba, Mexico: Otherworldly Canyons, Meeting Celebrities, and the Cordoba Gift Exchange

Jet Metier at HB hotel in Cordoba, MexicoGiven that our planned drive from Puebla to Orizaba was only a little more than three hours, that our combination Puebla hotel / restaurant / fraccionamiento was so pleasant, and that the restaurant had an all you can eat Mexican buffet breakfast, we saw no compelling reason to refuse the beautifully arranged food we found so temptingly arranged before us.   Even in this upscale restaurant with impeccable service and sophisticated ambiance, they allowed us to dine...

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