Apology- sort of!

Editor's note: Written in response to Is an Expat Living Abroad a True American?
1. In my view, being an American is more than the happy accident of how the geography of your birth bestowed upon you citizenship, or even where you physically reside.  In my view, being an American is subscribing to a set of shared American values.  “America” is more than a piece of paper or a place.  “America” is an idea.

2. In my view, the first principle of being an American is that you believe that our rights come from the Creator, as opposed to from the king or the state, and because of this, the king or the state cannot take your rights away. Your rights are not given by the state, a man, or a group of men,

1. 'Happy accident' is pure opinion. I for one am grateful NOT to have been born in USA where freedoms are being eroded daily. Islam rules in Dearborn and many other US enclaves, abetted by Obama and his leftist cliques. Your 'rights' are most certainly given by men, ever more restrictive.
“America” is an idea.- yes-- "My country, right or WRONG- but still my country". No.

2. "Endowed by our Creator?" REALLY? Why does this ancient American claptrap still hold currency- written at a time long before Darwin blew the "Creator' out of his heaven? "In God we trust"- added, 1953? 
How many US politicians PRETEND to be religious, knowing they cannot be elected unless they tell this lie?

3. US citizens who have never worked in America are forced to do tax returns- WHY?
They owe the US INLAND Revenue NOTHING, assuming they paid taxes where they worked? Note the ironic meaning of "Inland".
Man, was I having a Bad Hair Day when I wrote this!  Yes as is obvious there are elements of the American Dream I find disagreeable, especially as I am a [tolerant] atheist. Spirituality doesn't bother me, nor do some religions- except in that
they are more often than not a control mechanism useful to many politicians. 
Hope this goes some way to ameliorating my overly provocative post....
PS_ this 'appendix' was refused due to an included link-- not mine, but the Editor's! Ironically humorous? 


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