Living entirely abroad is something I never hea

Kristin Wilson and local Nicaraguan kids – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingLiving entirely abroad is something I never heard anybody say that they regret. It's just a life changing experience, and a completely different perspective of the world than vacationing in different countries.
US citizen going abroad tend to realize how much better life can be, compared to what we're used to and what the norm is for American life. We are taught that America is the greatest country in the world. It is not necessarily true that America has the greatest in everything, as you would believe by looking at the numbers and the data. This becomes apparent when you're actually living in a different country. You start to realize that there's a more optimal work - life balance. Things overseas many times don't go at the fast pace that they do in America. Living abroad is a good opportunity to slow down and enjoy life without being in a rat race and around that type of energy.
It doesn't matter where you go. If you go to Switzerland or Nicaragua or Mexico, or any other country, you'll find differences with America. A lot of these differences are positive.  Not all of them, but overall I think it's definitely a positive change and the good thing about going abroad is that you can always come back if you want. You can go for a few years or a few months. You can go back and forth from the US. You don't have to stay in any one place forever.
I used to work in real estate, but I have moved to just rentals, and most of the relocation I do are semi-temporary. They can be anywhere from a few months to a few years. I honestly think that is the best way to go these days.
(Pictured: Kristin Wilson and local Nicaraguan kids.)

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