The best reasons to retire overseas would inclu

Living with the Huaorani indians in the Amazon rainforest, – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingThe best reasons to retire overseas would include the low cost of living, experiencing different cultures, having a better quality of life, and being in a healthy living environment. In many places abroad, the cost of living is lower than it is in the US or Canada. There are many different kinds of cultures than what people experience in the United States, and we get to see and experience more of that when we retire overseas. 
The overall quality of life is also better when living overseas because you get the chance to have a healthier living environment. Everything is less expensive overseas, and the climate is better. If you pick a place where you enjoy the climate, you have the advantage of being active, which is important in maintaining your health. When I’m overseas, I’m a lot more active and healthier in general.
As an example, we were in Tulum, Mexico, for three months. It was just a short stint, but I can definitely say that the cost of living in Tulum is extremely low. We rented a one-bedroom apartment in Tulum for US $520 a month, including all the utilities. The apartment we rented in Tulum was a bicycle ride to the beach with all the comforts of home for a third of what it would have cost to rent that same place in Dallas, Texas. In general, rent and meals cost about a third of what it would cost in the United States or in Canada.
I spent about a week in the Amazon in Ecuador, living with the tribe of Huaorani Indians, one of the last indigenous groups in the Amazon. Huaorani Indians are still living in the Stone Age- they don’t have metal pans or electricity, for example. 
We lived with the Huaorani Indians in the Amazon jungle for about a week and a half, with everything that we ate coming out of the ground or river. These were different types of roots, plantains and fish. Naturally, they didn’t have cooking oil.  Everything was very basic and very filling, because it was all natural. There were absolutely no preservatives, which is always better for us. 
Another example is when I lived in Brazil for about a year. There’s a better overall  quality of life in Brazil because you’re more active. Being overseas means that you do not live the American lifestyle of driving and sitting on your behind all day. Living overseas gives you more time for activities such as walking and biking. 
(Living with the Huaorani indians in the Amazon rainforest, Equador, pictured.)

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