What I Didn’t Ask (But Should Have) Before Moving To Nicaragua

From Bucket Baths and War Zones to the Cool, Beautiful Mountain Highlands of Nicaragua

Jewel Hoff in Nicaragua – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingJanuary 2014, I arrived in the early afternoon in Managua airport via United Airlines. After the huge and tedious Houston Airport, the small Nicaraguan airport was a relief.  Customs stamped my passport and I paid the $10 fee.
I had reserved a so-called “resort” online for one night in Managua, as well as the Budget car rental. (I am deliberately omitting the name of this hotel for reasons that will become clear soon.  I will say, however,...

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Paradise and wealth protection too.

     Some of you may be tempted to buy one of those beautiful tropical dream homes overlooking the Pacific along the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua.  It's very tempting, I have the same dream.  But before you do please consider an alternative.  CONDO'S
Your Realtor may show you what he or she thinks you want to see but I would advise that you also include condo's because you may decide that a smaller investment may be all you would like to...

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