Having visited over 35 countries worldwide an

Having visited over 35 countries worldwide and resided in 6 countries on 4 continents, I believe I may be able to contribute some helpful information with regards to what you need to know about living internationally.International Living Jay Butler Castle
If you are considering living abroad, I would first recommend you take an extended trip for a period of no less than 2 months to the country wherein you are considering living.  Vacationing in a foreign country is altogether a different experience from residing there.  Generally, when vacationing, you are in a positive frame of mind and excited to experience new sights and sounds.  Everything is new and invigorating and despite one's best efforts to avoid tourist traps, we all have a propensity to witness the best restaurants, museums, shopping and activities a given locality has to offer.
International Living Jay Butler MedowIf you have ever moved to different city which is a considerable distance from your home town, then you can relate to some of the stresses involved with locating the nearest grocery store and post office or dentist.  When you are no longer returning 'home' to show your friends and co-workers photos from your latest adventure, the honeymoon of traveling abroad wears off and the marriage begins.
The items of most importance which I could relay to you from my experience is to choose a jurisdiction in which you absolutely love the culture and language.  If you are considering moving to an predominately Spanish speaking country, but don't know (or care for) the language, you are going to have a hell of a time when you need to sign your first apartment rental agreement or mortgage, etc.
Remember, every country has challenges whether they be providing reliable internet, potable water, or adequate medical care.  Unless you have a considerable amount of investments saved away, ensure that you are able to provide for yourself financially.  Jay Butler International Living BeachIt is much easier to move to a country where the exchange rate favors you than to go in the other direction.  If you have ever been stranded due to inclement weather and run out of funds then you know how scary that can be.
Lastly, given the brevity of this answer, make some friends and build contacts in the area where you want to live.  You should absolutely have solid legal counsel to assist you with any major purchases such as real property and meeting with new friends to enjoy your drinks by the beach makes the transition far more enjoyable.

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