My Travels In Pedasi, Azuero Peninsula, Panama

Playa Venao, Panamá

I absolutely love this part of Panama! Playa Venao is an excellent surf spot, a lovely beach, the crowds are very relaxed and chilled out. El Sitio is a great beach side bar restaurant with the best view of the surfing on the beach. If you plan on a visit to this part of Panama on the Azuero Peninsula, this is also where I would recommend you stay.

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PEDASI, Panamá. a place to visit.

PEDASI, is located approximately 5 hours from the city of Panamá, capital of the Republic of Panamá, in Central América., in the province of Los Santos at the Azuero Peninsola.

Once you leave the city, via a modern highway named "carretera  Interamericana" (the Inter-american Highway) you can enjoy charming villages and towns surrounded by green environment everywhere.  And, if you travel in what Panamanians call: "spring", which is the non-raining season, (from...

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La Playita, Panama

In this world, there are still places where the road stops, even in a country like Panama that has severed itself in two, to connect two oceans, the road concludes, and motoring ceases, seemly arbitrarily. It is a bit frustrating that the edges of the coast cannot be traced completely, unless you are very foolhardy, and would want to bushwhack through the thicket of forbidden land. Slowly we travel, to prolong the tour, to the southeastern end of the Azuero Peninsula, until we must...

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The End of the Road At Playa Venao, Panama

The Divisa to the south of the Panamanian Highway is not a scenic ocean drive, except when you get near the terminus, in the Azuero Peninsula, where there is a ledge only big enough for two lanes, between the mountains and the coast with its tiny little coves.  The road turns, and with each bend the ocean is glimpsed where the density of trees have become sparse. The water, unlike others parts of Panama, can finally be seen at the speed of a cruising car, in that uncommon...

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A Visit To La Rosa De Los Vientos in Panama; a Place Apart From The Hubbub World

La Rosa de Los Vientos Pedasi front outside view – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingRobert and Isabelle Shahverdians found the place that eventually became La Rosa de Los Vientos in Pedasi, Panama after they had traveled Costa Rica and found it wanting.  They then moved around Panama, to see if there was something better.
In the environs of Pedasi, they found a  place where the road had few inhabitants and came to a bit of land that faced the Pacific, around a small bay lapped by quiet waves.  It was there that they made their spot at the end of...

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