There are many good reasons for retiring overse

There are many good reasons for retiring overseas, and I'll address them elsewhere in another answer. The worst reasons? I have a list of some things to consider:-
worst reasons retire overseas expat gringo Bocas del Toro Panama boat challenges – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Living1). Don't head overseas just because you are running away from something!
It is no good going overseas to retire just because you don't want to be where you are now. You have to do your research, and have to really want to live in the place you decide to retire to.
2). Don't think it is going to be easy!
For reference, see the picture above. Wherever you go things are going to be different, and there will be challenges to face and hurdles to overcome. Maybe you won't have to rescue a boat from the seabed, but you will face challenges.
A new language to learn. New customs. Distance from friends and family.
3). Social circle.
You are more than likely going to move to a place where you know few, if any, people. You will have to develop a new social circle and support network in your new location. It's fun to do, but you will have to be prepared to make the effort to do so too.
4). Do your research!!
This is so important, and is what this website is all about. Make sure you are fully informed and fully prepared before you make the leap. The biggest mistake is not knowing what to expect, and therefore being completely unprepared.
Once you've done your research, and are confident you are ready for the challenges and adventure ahead, jump in with both feet. After all, life really is meant to be an adventure, isn't it?
Here's to a happy and fulfilling retirement.

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