While  there are many lovely places to retire

While  there are many lovely places to retire in the world, I would personally recommend Panama.

Why Panama, you ask? Let me list some of the reasons:

Panama has been ranked as the number 1 retirement destination choice.

According U.S. News and World Report’s ‘The 18 Best Places to Retire Overseas 2012′:

“Panama is the world’s top retirement haven. Panama City no longer qualifies as cheap, but other spots in this country certainly do. Panama continues to offer the world’s gold standard program of special benefits for retirees. The currency is the U.S. dollar, so there is no exchange rate risk if your retirement savings and income is in dollars. The climate in Panama City and on the coasts is tropical, hot, and humid. However, the climate in the highlands can be temperate and tempting. Panama is the hub of the Americas, meaning it’s easily accessible from anywhere in North and South America and Europe. “

According to the International Living (2012):

“ Panama tops the category with an organized program of discounts and perks called the pensionado. The program is open to foreigners and there’s no minimum age requirement.With it you have serious discounts, money off that makes a big difference to your costs. Like 20% off any professional services used in Panama; 50% off for movies, theaters and sporting events; a 30% discount on public transport, 25% off the price of food eaten in a sit down restaurant; 15% off in fast food joints, 15% off in hospitals and private clinics…25% domestic flights on COPA…the list goes on…”

Panama is free of the truly devastating natural disasters that plague other nations.

According to the Panama Planner (2005):

“Panama is the only country in Central America in a climate zone that is absolutely hurricane-free. Truly blessed by nature, Panama also has none of the destructive earthquakes that plague its Central American neighbors.”

Panama has the lowest crime rate in Central America and one of the overall lowest crime rates against tourists in the World.

According to Panama Info (2012):

“Panama is one of the safest countries in Latin America for tourists. Tourism crime especially is low. You won’t have to be constantly on your guard for pick-pockets or purse snatchers like in other countries in the region. Foreign residents will tell you how safe they feel in Panama compared to other countries in the region and it is only getting better. Under the new Martinelli government, effective measures are being taken that have already reduced crimes in general by 28%.”

Panama has world class beaches, mountains, waterfalls and natural splendor.

According to Panama Invest (2009):

“Think of fine powdery sand on your feet. Think of rugged landscapes and seaside cliffs. Think of the coral reefs and the variety of marine life and fish. Panama has it, in great abundance. After all, Panama is sandwiched between two oceans. For those whose passion is surfing, you can take your pick or explore all of Playa Punta Puss Head, Paunch Beach, Bluff Beach, Larga Beach and Cayo Zapatillas. Panama is great for snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, and diving activities. One of the most beautiful snorkeling destinations is San Blas Islands. Home to the Kuna Indians, San Blas is one of the last remaining unspoiled beaches, and it has miles and miles of coral reef that you can explore to your heart’s content. Go to the Pearl Islands and explore around 60 beaches of all types and colors while island hopping.”

“Bird watching and trail hiking are offered in Panama. It has miles and miles of live coral reefs and it has 12 national parks as well as 19 protected areas. You want the sea, Panama has it. You want jungles and forests, Panama sill has it. For nature birdwatchers, you can indulge your passion in Bocas del Toro’s Island Birds where around 50 species of migratory birds go. In the Teribe Territory, about a 100 species of birds also thrive. Here you will also find the famous thumbnail size red frogs. You can also visit native Indian tribes in their natural habitat trough travel agencies that offer this. Ecotourism is becoming more and more popular in Panama, and the possibilities are endless. Here we have rainforests, jungles, water falls, streams, rivers, mountains, deserted beaches, anything nature can provide, all in this small country called Panama.”

Panama has a stable and rapidly growing economy that make it a boon for investors.

According to the US Commercial Service’s Investment Climate Report (2012):

“Panama’s investment climate is generally positive. The country’s sterling economic success is based on a strong macro-economic policy and excellent management of the Panama Canal and associated transportation services. Panama has enjoyed some of the highest economic growth in Latin America in the past decade, and most observers predict continued strong growth in the years ahead due to stable and consistent macro-economic policies. Growth tallied 10.5% in 2011 and 7.5% in 2010, after a deceleration to 3.2% in 2009. The Government of Panama (GOP) has promoted economic growth over the last decade through open market policies and by encouraging trade.”


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