One of the things to be concerned about whe

Google + Icon – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingOne of the things to be concerned about when retiring overseas is when you have a lot of immediate and extended family who are still in the United States and if you spend a lot of time with your family, moving abroad will make the family interaction a lot more difficult. 
There is a lot more technology nowadays such as Skype or getting on a plane, depending on where you are, is always a possibility. However, the actual physical meetings with family members are a lot more difficult when you live abroad. They can come visit you or you can go visit them, but the frequency with which you can interact with family members does take a hit when you move abroad. 
The second thing to be concerned about when moving abroad is that without a lot of planning, the initial transition itself could be quite difficult. If you're not an open-minded person, moving abroad could be quite difficult because of language barriers. Also, the different types and levels of infrastructure could vary among countries. You may not have the comfort level you may have had in the US wherever you're going. You have to build a new community of friends who you're going to interact with locally, which you're going to have to build from scratch.
The third concern has to deal with all the start-up necessities of not only moving homes, but moving to an entire different country where you have different systematic issues that you must deal with.  

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