My Life in Coronado, Panama

Response to “Things are a Changing Here…” about Coronado: The Reality Is, We’re Doing Great! 

Condo for sale in Coronado, Panama, with ocean view from balconyThe expat story "Things are a changing here…” about the situation in Coronado, Panama, does not present a knowledgeable picture of the area.  It was written with no updated information and worse, distorted facts. 
  1. The area is booming with new low-rise beach condos and high-rises, but low-rise condos have priority so as to keep the area less crowded and there is no obstruction of sea and mountain views, which are...

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Coronado Panama - Pet Health Care

This is a picture of our dear calico cat Coronado Panama - Pet Health Care  – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Livingnamed Purr-Cie.  Believe it or not Purr-Cie adopted us more than 21 years ago... that's no typo - yes more than 21 years ago when my wife & I lived in Illinois.  Purr-Cie has traveled with us from Illinois to Florida & then to Costa Rica & since February 2007 Purr-Cie has been with us here in Panama.  Lately Purr-Cie has been to say the least a bit under the weather... so we took her to an English speaking...

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Panama History Was Made Today - Canadian Sunwing Charter Flight Lands At Panama's New Scarlett Martinez Airpoort!

Panama's new international beach airportPanama's Scarlett Martinez International Airport - First Canadian Sunwing Charter Flight Lands Today April 4, 2014 – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Living named Scarlett Martinez and located in the general Coronado Panama area received its very first international flight from Toronto Canada this morning!  The Sunwing charter flight arrived right on time, packed with happy vacationing Canadians seeking to escape from the northland cold to the warm & sunny Panamanian Pacific Ocean Beaches.
Weekly Sunwing charter flights are scheduled for each...

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No More Winters or Expensive Beer for Sarah

Sarah Booth is a long way from the snowy mountains and ski trails of Whistler, British Columbia, where she began a career that would make an international lifestyle possible.  Jet Metier finds out what a blast Sarah is having in Coronado, Panama and the essentials of how to pack like a pro.

Jet  Metier: Good morning, Sarah!

Sarah Booth: Hi Jet!

Jet Metier: Hello. My first thought when I saw your picture was: What's it like being the being...

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Dancing Across the World

Daryl Ries dancer, choreographer, realtor, Panama City Opera supporter – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingWe thank Daryl Ries for giving us the idea to have Jet Metier interview select contributors of Best Places who enliven our pages with their experiences and revelations.  The conversation began with Daryl talking about a real estate expo she had attended just prior to their scheduled talk, and then continued with Daryl reviewing her life on four continents.  In a chronological sleight of hand, we present the second part of the interview first, where Daryl speaks of her...

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Lots of New Things in Coronado, Panama

Jet Metier was going to meet Rich Novak Scarlett Martinez International Airport Coronado Panama – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Livingand his wife and business partner Janet in Panama, but Jet developed a “funny tummy” and had to beg off.  More than a year later, as an avid listener to Rich’s radio program in podcast form, Jet wanted to turn the tables on “Your Man in Panama” and interview him.
Instead, Rich took the initiative and contacted Jet to report on what was new to the landscape in the environs of Coronado, Panama, the jewel in...

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New Butterfly Haven in El Valle, Panama

Butterfly Haven in El Valle Panama – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingOn Saturday February 15, 2014 I visited the new Butterfly Haven located in El Valle.  Yes I am truly lucky & blessed - I visited a wonderful butterfly haven while many North Americans suffered thru extreme February cold & snow.
Oh yeah one of the butterflies even landed on my shirt and wanted to return to my home in Coronado with me (just 28 miles away)... but don't worry I was very careful & made every effort not to hurt this...

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How I Fund My Life in Panama... Real Estate, Rentals, and a Happy Happy Lifestyle!

I purchased my first rental property in the ski resort village of Whistler, BC, Canada, when I was 23-years-old with a very small down payment.
At the time, I was working as reservations manager for a property management company so I had first-hand knowledge of the strong returns that could be achieved through rentals. Over the following eight years, I proceeded to buy, renovate, rent short-term and ultimately sell nine Whistler properties.

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