My Life In Casco Viejo / Casco Antiguo, Panama City, Panama

The Poetry and History of Patrizia Pinzon’s Casco Viejo

Patritzia Pinzon lives in the fabled city of Casco Viejo, the oldest quarter of Panama, where formerly neglected buildings are restored to their historic grandeur, and where Patrizia's active participation has helped to infuse the community with vibrancy and modernity, qualities reflected in Patrizia’s personal outlook. Jet finally gets to meet her favorite House Hunter’s International star, whose blog she regularly reads and enjoys. And we...

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Casco Viejo, "the Old City of Panama"

Casco Viejo, or “the Old City of Panama” French Embassy in Casco Viejo Panama City Panama – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Livingis the historic city center of Panama. It is a peaceful and charming district of narrow streets, accompanied by balconies full of the flowers of two and three-story houses. At its end is the French Park, a monument to the French builders who began construction of the Panama Canal, and the beautiful French Embassy, pictured here.
On the boulevard around the monument, visitors have a good view of Mirador Amador and the Bridge of the...

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My House Hunters International Experience - Casco Viejo Episode

I don´t remember exactly how it happened, who contacted who that contacted me. It was for sure one of Panama`s classic two degrees of separation, which in Casco makes for a cozy half degree.  All I know is that I said “sure, sounds like fun”, emails were sent, and all of a sudden we were on camera! And I`m glad we did.
The experience was truly fun, and it also shifted a lot of my ideas about TV and the people behind it. The crew couldn´t be more down to...

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"Sabados con Allo" ... a walking tour of Casco Viejo !

Panama is a great place to explore with your kids.  Especially if they have a “certified”  grandpa fan like … me!   My grand kid #1, Jaime, just turned 4 years.   For the past 2 years I have taken him on Saturday morning trips to explore – and record on Youtube for him – life in Panama.  Jaime, his Nanny Delia and me.  Just the three of us.  He calls me “Allo”, so we call this Saturday outings “Sabados with...

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