"Sabados con Allo" ... a walking tour of Casco Viejo !

Panama is a great place to explore with your kids.  Especially if they have a “certified”  grandpa fan like … me!   My grand kid #1, Jaime, just turned 4 years.   For the past 2 years I have taken him on Saturday morning trips to explore – and record on Youtube for him – life in Panama.  Jaime, his Nanny Delia and me.  Just the three of us.  He calls me “Allo”, so we call this Saturday outings “Sabados with Allo”. 
On September 2011 we visited charming Casco Viejo.  We walked around the Parks and Plazas, showed him the statue of his great great great grandparent Ricardo Arias, bought him his first Panama Hat, fed the doves in front of the Cathedral, and finished the walking tour with a visit to the Presidential Palace.  “You know Jaime, there are big birds inside there, they are called Herons, and that is why the home of the President of Panama is called “El Palacio de las Garzas” (Palace of the Herons).”    So Jaime asked the nice police guard at the door to please show him the Herons … and inside he went … his very first visit to the Presidential Palace.  All recorded by grandpa.  Another day in Paradise ...

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