Coronado Panama - Pet Health Care

This is a picture of our dear calico cat Coronado Panama - Pet Health Care  – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Livingnamed Purr-Cie.  Believe it or not Purr-Cie adopted us more than 21 years ago... that's no typo - yes more than 21 years ago when my wife & I lived in Illinois.  Purr-Cie has traveled with us from Illinois to Florida & then to Costa Rica & since February 2007 Purr-Cie has been with us here in Panama.  Lately Purr-Cie has been to say the least a bit under the weather... so we took her to an English speaking veterinarian here in Coronado Panama.  I wanted to post this info to give you an idea of Panama pet health care costs.  However, the detail of the vet's bill is in Spanish & the  Spanish words don't translate.  Be it as it may the 1st visit to the vet cost $109.99 and then the vet came to our home twice for two follow up visits for $48.46 & $42.80.  Yes veterinarians in Coronado Panama make house calls!  Thankfully Purr-Cie is on the mend now!  Your thoughts & prayers for Purr-Cie's speedy recovery would be most appreciated.  Thank YOU!

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