Pet travel into or out of another country can be t

Pet travel into or out of another country can be tricky. To be properly prepared you should seek out as much information as possible from those that have done this before.  In addition, you should seek the assistance of a professional pet travel agent.
With all international pet travel it is required that your pet have vaccinations that meet the country's requirements you are traveling to.  At the very least a pet traveling should have a rabies of more than 30 days or less than one year.  A three year rabies is not acceptable for international pet transportation at any time.
Also needed for most countries are the DHLPP for dogs and the FVRCP for cats.  Again, both of these must be under one year at the time of your pet's travel.
Some countries require that you have an import permit before your pet arrives in said country. You must check with the Ministry of Agriculture to see if this is applicable to the rules of your new location.

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