The best reason to retire overseas is the curio

The best reason to retire overseas is the curiosity and the willingness to try something new. Most people don’t live in multiple places or multiple cultures so it is a leap of faith to do so later in life. However, the rewards of at least going through that process to deciding whether it’s right for you or not, is a courageous one and there is a payoff. The opportunity to reinvent oneself should not be underestimated.
Running from anything should not be a reason to retire overseas. That’s not really what it’s about. Retiring overseas is about wanting more out of life. It’s about the curiosity of what is out there next on this journey and refusing to let the journey look like a dead-end and instead making it look like a door. There is always another door to walk through.
One of the best reasons to retire abroad is to satisfy one’s curiosity and to fight against the idea that there is an end. The journey of life is long and when someone continues to show curiosity of what’s out there, and want to pursue a new adventure, which has the ability to keep them young, invigorated, and excited about what’s next. 

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