What do you need to know about internation

What do you need to know about international pet travel to Panama? From personal experience traveling with our dog from the states to Pedasi, Panama was a bit stressful doing it by ourselves but it can be done.
 It's all about timing and making sure you are in contact with the Panamanian consulate and the Ministry of Health in Panama.
Below is a list of what you will need to travel with Pets to Panama. You can obtain information by visiting the Embassy of Panama online. Click on Services then click on  Consular services and then scroll down and click on Traveling with Pets.

1. Fill out the form Quarantine for Domestic Animals (Home quarantine costs approx $130)
2. USDA Sanitary Certificate, signed and sealed by USDA Vet and signed by the pet'’s vet
3. Vaccinations Certificate for Rabies.
4. Fee: $30.00 (money order or certified check).
5. Self-addressed prepaid envelope for return of documents.
All of the above needs to be done within a 10 day period. So be sure and use Fed-ex when sending documents. Also be sure and check with your airline for further guidelines for your pet.
NOTE: Fax the completed Quarantine for Domestic Animals form to (507) 212-9449 or (507) 238-4059 or email it to the Ministry of Health in Panama. This form must be sent to the Ministry of Health authorities 3 days prior to your arrival in Panama. I highly recommend taking a copy of your reply from them because they said they never received mine and I sent it twice. They almost refused me and my dog because of this.
With fees, vet bills and Fed-ex charges It cost several hundred dollars to do this but worth every penny :)


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