The short answer to what are the best places to

The short answer to what are the best places to live in the world is where you are happy 75% of the time.  Cost of Living, ease of living and solid medical care are what you need to consider in finding the best place to live in the world.  There are a few cities in Canada that are on the top 10 yet as a former Toronto resident we were looking for a warmer climate, solid infrastructure so we could take our careers virtual and a lower cost of living.  We found that in Panama.  Others have found it in Ecuador that is now up and coming and yet others found it in Spain and parts of Europe.  We also needed to find a country that allowed us to get back to Canada in one flight, two max.  As well as a country that was in our time zone as we are still working with North American clients.  If one destination checked off the boxes for everyone that would cause huge problems as you can well imagine.

Best Places In The World To Retire