I am a Canadian who has lived in Panama for 6 y

I am a Canadian who has lived in Panama for 6 years.
The most important -- and difficult -- lesson I have learned in Panama is this:
If you arrive in your new country with an open mind and a willingness to adapt to its culture, you will thrive.
If you arrive with a 'gringo mindset' and believe that your new country has an obligation to adapt to you and your values, well, you are going to end up being miserable and will probably return to your previous country.
Remember, folks, when you move to a new country, it is their country.  If, for example, you think the service is bad in Panama, as it usually is, you need to bear in mind that they have a right to run their country the way they want -- bad service and all.  And if we foreigners are not comfortable with that, then we are the ones who need to change or go back to our home countries.
Follow this simple rule and I promise that your new life in a foreign land will be much happier!

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