Learning about permanent residency, and obtaini

Flower festival in Medellin, Columbia – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingLearning about permanent residency, and obtaining permission to stay in the country. Rules change all the time. Don't assume anything. Regardless of the cost, a good legal counselor is a must. Also, make sure the documents you'll need are in order before you leave home. It can be an expensive trip back to acquire them. Plus, understand the rules in place about those documents. How long are they good for? Is a notary seal sufficient, or do they need an apostille? How many copies, and does the country need originals? Bottom line: don't ever assume anything. Check with those who've been there, so you know the right questions to ask. Assumptions get very expensive.
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(Flower festival in Medellin, Columbia, pictured.)

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