Working After Retirement in Panamá

Yesterday was the monthly spay and neuter clinic in Boquete.  Over 130 animals were sterilized, thanks to the work of Amigos de Animales, started several years ago.
Some of the workers were talking yesterday of the long term effects of this fantastic program.  It's easy to see that this area of Panama has less homeless, starving animals.  Stray animals are captured, neutered, nursed back to health and put up for adoption.  More Panamanians are seeing the benefits of neutering their animals.  Dogs wandering in the park are very likely to have a collar.  Feeding stations prevent animals from starving.  But that wasn't what impressed me by yesterday's conversation.
Male dogs who are not neutered get venereal diseases which often turn into cancerous tumors.  The tumors on these poor animals are painful and deadly.  Years ago, these tumors were a common sight in the clinic.  Yesterday, a few of the long time workers commented that they rarely see this affliction among the male dogs anymore.  What great news!
Amigos de Animales is one of the many groups that expats can join. The people that volunteer every month care so much for these dogs and cats.   Some of the funds raised by Bid 4 Boquete are donated to this wonderful organization.
Although I no longer work for a paycheck, this work is more rewarding than things money can buy.  If you are visiting Boquete on the last weekend of the month, you can volunteer to help too.

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