I moved to Panama from California with my two c

I moved to Panama from California with my two cats. We opted to have them travel in cargo because we knew that they were going to be very unhappy no matter where they were and didn't want to cause all the passengers on the plane to have a miserable flight.
There were a lot of hoops to jump through before our move.  The airlines has a detailed list of their requirements as does the country you are moving to. I found that most of the requirements came from the airlines.  They really want to make sure they are transporting healthy animals and that you don't end up with a deceased pet at the other end of your journey.  To be honest, I was more traumatized to leave them at the cargo gate then they were.
In Panama City we found a man who runs a business called Golden Frog Pet Relocation. He was right there when we arrived and took care of everything very smoothly.  Our cats, though very unhappy during the journey, have adjusted and are back to their normal selves.  I was very worried about them because they are older cats, 13, but they don't seem to have suffered any permanent damage.  I suspect the only complaint you may hear them utter now that we are settled here in Bouquete, is that they'd love to get outside to hunt some of those delicious looking birds they can only stock through the window.  

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