So you think you can give up the American lifes

So you think you can give up the American lifestyle for a slower, more rustic place to live? It is easy enough to think about leaving it all behind due to the current political situation in the USA and high cost of living. Just chucking it all and move to another country seems plausible, but is it? Is it because you are lonely? Not a good plan.
What do you do? I suggest you do some research first. The cost of living is an important category. Healthcare is another very important matter. The political status of a foreign nation is also at the top of the list. You may want to consider the climate, diseases,  transportation, entertainment, business opportunities, events and sports or activities. The flight time and distance from your homeland are concerns to consider.
If you need many people in your life perhaps you want to rethink leaving that security blanket. You will be mostly on your own in a country where the language is different, as well as customs.
It costs money to move to a foreign country, so check out the costs before you decide it is what you want to do.  Do some online searches about air fares, shipping businesses, postal companies. You will find mail is an issue. Getting a cell phone is easy, but having reliable electric service is iffy, at best. Water is not a big deal in Panama. (However we always boil our drinking water.  No problem; just a precaution.)
You can rent a car with full insurance for about $60 USD a day, catch a cab  or take a bus for much less than in the USA. 
Small communities seem to have a Catholic Church or a Seventh Day Adventist Church. A few communities have a Church of Christ or Christian church, but not like in the USA; very small and mostly in Spanish.
All legal documents must be in Spanish.  You cannot use any English document here as a legal document. All documents regarding visas must be certified, signed and apostilled by the US Department of State and translated into Spanish.  It is recommended to use an attorney. Be careful and check their credentials.
There are language schools, but remember the language, the customs and laws are different. Getting service is different, and waiting is part of the deal.
Are you ready to be away from all that you know and love? Can you enjoy life at a slower pace and not hold the grandchildren near your heart except once a year when you go home?  Do you mind waiting, seeing military police on the highways, seeing a security office in every store and business?  When you may find many things in Panama that are difficult to deal with, it is important to smile, put that American temper under control and be calm.
Personally we love it in Panama. We respect the people and enjoy the expats. We drive and walk, ride buses, and take cabs.  It is different but it feels like home and we do love it very much.
There is much to consider.  I suggest you thoroughly check out this site and make sure you get as much information as possible before coming to Panama to live. You will not find instant gratification here or anywhere. There is always a downside to everything. I suggest  you do not runaway from where you are, but look into and study where you want to be.

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