How I Dealt With Homesickness When I Moved Abroad

AHHH YES Learning to Adjust

Homesickness hits us all here in Panama.  Of course, any place you move to outside the US you will find the same thing.
For me it took about three months to hit.  You’re so busy doing this and that to prepare for your leaving the US and so happy about your new life that awaits you.  When you get here, you have shopping to do, moving into your new home, people to meet and greet. You’re happy with all the new things to see and do around you; the music the food,...

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A White Christmas?

It's the small things that you miss.  They don't hit you right away, but over time, they become big things.  
When we lived in the US, I hated the snow and the cold and winter in general.  I could not wait to get away from it.  Finally, I was in Nicaragua and there is definitely no cold weather or snow or winter there.  I was so happy about it.  That is... until I had a small child and it was Christmas.  I suddenly missed...

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Video Calls Work for Homesickness When Living Overseas

Seeing the grandchildren on Skype is a wonderful way to feel in touch and close. Listening to Livvy sing a new song or watching Noah play with a new toy just makes our day!
Olivia & Noah – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Living
We see the smiles, the bumps, the new outfits. It is a such a delight to enjoy the time on the camera. The kids can see us too.
Skype is free on the computer or you can upgrade to various paid for services. It works well on a cell too to be able...

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Thank God for technology and exercise!

It's funny but when we moved to Panama, I kind of figured that I would not get that homesick, because my family was with me.  Boy, was I wrong!
Think about it for a country, new language, new city, new work setting, new work colleagues, new home setting, new cars, new EVERYTHING.  Nothing felt comfortable and nothing felt stable for a very long time. 
Thank goodness technology is where it is today.  Now, a phone call on Skype can't...

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