Funniest Thing That Happened To Me When I Moved Abroad

Why are you shaving my testicles?

Heart monitor – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingI felt sweaty, and my left arm was sore - I thought it was because: A) I live in the beach area of Panama, and B) I had scrubbed the sides of our swimming pool yesterday. However, even after sitting in the air con with a fan, and I was still sweating profusely, I Googled: "Symptoms of a Heart Attack" The final symptom struck home: An overwhelming feeling of doom".
Mistake # 1: I drove myself to the medical clinic in Coronado instead of...

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How To Become an International Pet Smuggler

I moved to Panama from Toronto in July, 2007, but the airline I flew on would not take my dog Roscoe -- something about the summer heat being too much for animals in the cargo hold. So I ended up having to ship Roscoe by a different airline to San Jose, Costa Rica (at three times the cost of my own flight), and of course I then had to drive from my new home in Panama to San Jose to pick him up.
Thus began, innocently enough, my career as an international...

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