My Two Getaways in Chiriqui Panama

I don't spend all of my time in Boquete, even though it is a very easy place to live with lots of good places to eat and the nice weather and cool temperatures there are times I need a little beach. Just two hours southwest of my home in the mountains is Limones, a little beach town that is home to Hooked on Panama, a gringo fishing resort that is finally getting the recognition it deserves and a few local fishermen and a few cowboys, and a couple of rice farmers. Having been born on Cape Cod, I have been looking and listening to the ocean most of my life and although the mountains are beautiful, having an ocean in front of you is better. The sea is like a giant mirror the reflects whatever is going on. If the sun is out and the sky is a gorgeous blue so is the water. My favorite is when a storm comes sweeping in from the south, the sky darkens ant the wind picks up and the temperature drops rapidly while the sea turn a dark grey and the 

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