In general, the best places to live is anywhere

Riding bikes by the beach – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingIn general, the best places to live is anywhere where you can find fresh food, areas where there is relative peace, areas where there is an emphasis on education, and a place where people want to be a productive member of society. You can look at different cultures through that lens and then start to identify parts of the world that are attractive.
The Mediterranean, traditionally, has a very good reputation as far as lifestyle and pace of life. There are parts of Mexico and Central America that come to mind. These places are also relatively peaceful. I haven’t been everywhere so it is hard for me to comment about places I haven’t been to but in general, if you want to live abroad, you must pick somewhere that aligns with your values. It is usually cloudy for half of the year in Germany but this country is really organized and you there is great infrastructure, so for some people, living in Germany offers a perfect lifestyle. A best place to live could be on an island of Belize where you wake up in the morning and go snorkeling every day. 
(Pictured: potentially, your daily commute.)

Best Places In The World To Retire