The first country that comes to mind when t

The first country that comes to mind when thinking about the worst places in the world to retire is North Korea. :)
The worst places in the world to retire would be places with lots of social and political upheaval, crime and corruption.
If your physical safety is in question or in jeopardy, why would you go to retire there?   Places in this hemisphere with high crime rates include Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, which has manifested itself in the recent influx of minors coming into the United States.  In my opinion, these would be among the worst places in the world to retire.
Also, in Latin America, when one thinks of crime, political and social unrest, one would think of Venezuela, which would also not be a good place to live or retire.  If there’s an unstable government, that tends to trickle down to all aspects of life.  It causes a lot of corruption, and that’s something else that one needs to think about when retiring, although in many cases, it’s just something you have to live with in certain respects.
For the most part, if you think about Panama and Nicaragua and some of the other countries, corruption doesn’t seem to affect daily life in a negative way.
In addition, the extent to which how much corruption there is in a country or area affects you depends on your activities.  For example, if you’re talking just about retiring in a country and you don’t have to work or deal with a lot of commerce or deal with the government, you would be isolated from corruption, so it wouldn’t affect you.

Best Places In The World To Retire