Paul McBride on 'smart money'

He nailed it- though one need not be an economist or financial 'expert' to see the blindingly obvious. 
Free market principles are unfeasible in practice. Adam Smith in the 1770's made the [then] reasonable assumption that resources were inexhaustible but with the Industrial revolution and a world of 7 billion consumers, we realised this is no longer true. So the free market is a myth and increasingly outside interference has become unavoidable. The 'invisible hand' is no longer free to operate; government interference and regulation have ensured it. 
Additionally, money is more fragile and unstable with every passing year. Worse, people now KNOW this, to the chagrin of governments and market manipulators. 'Quantitative Easing'- wonderful weasel words for massive devaluation, zero interest rates, minimal bank liquidity, etc. all point to the fact that most developed countries are technically bankrupt. How long before a major Western economy has to default on its loans?
Many Zimbabwe's are imminent. The coming economic collapse may be the worst EVER, the sole remedy to go to war on some pretext, IMO.
Add in the 'refugee' disaster and things look grim indeed. 
Few people will believe that Islam contributes to fiscal instability but it does, with its sworn intent to conquer the land of Dar al-harb, the House of War [anywhere that Islam does not yet rule].  The Obama's, Merkel's, Cameron's et. al. are in complete denial, aiding and enabling the enemy, Islam. 
The world now faces its greatest threat ever, worse than Fascism or Communism because this threat has the imprimatur of 'religion' with 1.6 billion adherents ready to fight for it. If we do not rid ourselves of inept and misguided liberal progressive controls, civilization may collapse and a new Dark Age ensue. 
Get out, move to an underdeveloped economy, take your cash, buy land and bullion- then sit tight and watch the disaster unfold. 

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