In my opinion, the worst reason to re

In my opinion, the worst reason to retire abroad is if you think your moving to "Paradise".  Many people listen to the hype of certain publications that just want to sell you things and tout "Paradise".  Any place you live will have it's problems and no place is perfect.  Especially when moving to a different country which will have a different culture, different foods, possibly a different language that you will have to adjust to and learn to live with.  You have to not only 'be okay' with all the many different things about living in another country but if you actually 'enjoy' it and embrace the differences you'll be happy.  It's so important, (in my opinion) to embrace the place you choose to move to. If you want to live in a gated community and isolate yourself from the people then you might as well stay in the States or Canada or wherever you came from.  If your expectations of living abroad are that you will find all the same things there that you had wherever you came from you'll be very unhappy. If you expect to experience a completely different way of living then you will be in for the time of your life.  Don't move for "Paradise", move for an Adventure! :)

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