I'm a Canadian living in Panama, which in m

I'm a Canadian living in Panama, which in my opinion is the BEST place to retire. I've had diverse experiences having lived in Mexico and Southeast Asia before settling in Panama. For me, the main reasons are: weather, cost of living, vibrant expat community, friendly locals, great hub for travel (Copa flies direct almost everywhere that I want to visit in Central and South America as well as US), incredible and affordable health care and the language. I loved Thailand, but decided that I really wanted to learn the language of the country I live in. By comparison to Thai, Spanish is not that difficult to learn (Latin based), and can be practiced in all the Americas and Spain (whereas Thai..only in Thailand obviously). The economy in Panama is excellent, in fact.. I am not the only person who came here to retire and ended up starting a business and consulting for another. Possibilities are endless here!

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