Most of the time when people consider moving ab

Most of the time when people consider moving abroad to retire, they have a desire for a new and happy life, and probably an adjustment to their budget.  These desires bring about all kinds of changes for which you should be prepared, and do your homework, before you move.
You should ask yourself these questions: "Is that what I really want to do?" and "Am I ready for that challenge and change in my life"?  Then, visit the country you are considering moving to several times, study their culture, and talk to people, expats as well as locals.   And then, not only after you are absolutely sure those changes will make you happy, then, make your decision.  See if the reason you are considering moving meets your expectations.
General things to be concerned about in a new country would be:  Am I ready to learn a new language, adapt to local customary life, enjoy new things and people,  place myself and accommodate  to different weather?  If the answer is YES... GO FOR IT, and enjoy your retirement abroad, without any concerns.

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