Out with the Old and In with New as 2016 Approaches IN Belize

After years of visiting Belize, since 2006, we decided to leave the family, friends and acquaintances behind and start a whole new life in a new country. As per my family a Third world country at that. Needless to say we started making friends almost immediately. Belizeans are so friendly and open their homes to you with no restraints, even without knowing you at all. Expats also were so heartwarming and friendly, eager to meet the new kids on the block. We found there are local hangouts that you can meet new people and also get a cold Belikin beer or Rum and Coke which are the local drinks in Belize.
We chose Corozal, since it was less touristy and more homey. We love being by the sea and its warm waters and tropical breezes. We found out that there is 80% Canadians and 20% from the US and other countries in the Expat Retirees in Belize. We also discovered there are many groups and activities that you can get involved with, such as Poker days and tournaments, Dart days, Country Western Line dancing, Arts in the Park nights, Women's groups, Roots and Shoots Gardening groups, Rotary club and much more. There is so much more to do here than when we lived in the States. As you attend these groups you make more acquaintances and you get invited to more parties. I actually don't miss home at all anymore.
After 4 1/2 years living in Corozal, I can say with ease that I know more than just my neighbors and co-workers, apart from family. I am happy with our relocation and our new found friends. So my word of advice to you is don't be afraid to make the move. You can do it!!! I talk regularly to the boys and family via the internet or Skype and now on FB video chat, so easy to do. Technology has made it so much more easy to transition to a new life and lifestyle in the Caribbean. Anyone can learn to do this.
I do not feel lonely and yes it was a big adjustment. After working for many years and settled in to a comfortable life style, I thought it would be impossible to make the move. Wrong!! I am very happy with my new friends and family both expats and Belizeans. If you have any questions or concerns I can answer them for you with confidence.

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