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One of the worst reasons to retire overseas is to do it because you want to be in a place with good weather. There are times when people decide to visit a certain place at a specific time of the year because somebody told them that they will experience the best weather. The same is not always true if you live in the same place for a whole year since the weather will change during the year. However nice the weather is at a certain time of the year, remember it can also can be the complete opposite during another season of year. Weather is a big factor when people make a decision to move to a different country but I think it also can be a letdown. The culture and the community are more practical factors with bigger benefits.
The Beach

A lot of people want to retire on the beach or live on the beach and that is great. The beach is beautiful and it has a lot of things that are attractive but it is particularly suited for visiting rather than living. The air on the beach is salty, which makes properties wear down. The sun is normally very hot on the beach and it gets uncomfortable. So if you live on the beach, you might find yourself constantly looking for shade.
There is not a lot of agriculture that can be supported at the beach. Vendors come to the beach on trucks in order to sell to the people there. That adds to the hustle and bustle brought about by visitors that come to the beach all the time. It is not ideal to be at the beach the whole year because it starts to wear on you after a while. I’ve known a lot of people who end up being more stressed out than any other time in their lives because they just had an impression that moving overseas and living on the beach was going to be perfect. Nothing is perfect, not even the beach. 

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