Surprises About Moving To Panama

In Panama the Benefits of Red Wine vs White Wine on Health

Red wine drinkers delight in proclaiming the benefits of red wine over white wine. Although some new studies indicate there can be some benefits to drinking white wine, red wine wins out above the sweeter white flavors. Some of the important features red wine offers above the lovely whites are:
  • Red wine has a score of 7 as cited by Prevention; white wine has a score of 1
  • Red wine has less sugar content
  • Red wine has more antioxidants
  • Red wine...

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Boquete Melting Pot; Add Gringo's, Stir in Climate, Lots of Beautiful Panama = Love

As we arrived early to our appointed visit at the third floor dermatologist office we encountered a lone, smiling face and asked him if the receptionist had already arrived.
Boquete verdant mountains – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Living
"No, she doesn't get here until 9:30" he tells us.
We thanked him and then he asked if we were from the USA. Of course he was too! 
This is so typical of Panama. You say something to each other and a person overhears the English or the...

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Indians, Natives and Birds in Panama

One of the first things to catch my eye when we arrived in Panama was the indigenous Indian women's brightly colored dresses. They make them and many are sold at the side of the Pan-American Highway under thatched roof huts.  From infant to adult sizes the colored dresses float in the wind at the small vendor's places. On the women everyday you find yourself counting the different colors you see as you walk around town or pass the villages long the highways. Blue, green,...

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A Coastal Jewel About To Shine Brightly-- Puerto Armuelles, Panama

A surprising small town with evidence of a once vibrant past is located just 60 miles (97 kilometers) from the provincial capitol, David, Panama. Only 5 miles as the crow flies from Costa Rica you will find Puerto Armuelles, Panama. It is about 21 miles south of the Pan-American Highway (at the border to Costa Rica, turn left before you go through the border crossing.) A side street view of Puerto Armuelles Panama – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Living
The surprisingly good  two-lane highway is under construction to become...

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Coiba Island, Panamá

Coiba Island really is a hidden paradise in Panama.  The largest island in Central America, it is located between the Azuero Peninsula and the Costa Rican boarder.  A former jail and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, it is an oasis to intellectuals, adventurers or scientists who want to really discover a beautiful place.
Coiba Is an isolated, protected island that can only be visited with special permit from the ANAM, (the...

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Meet the Neighborhood Alligator

I’ve been around Panama for about 6 years now, living here and working as a real estate broker. I’ve seen all manner of creatures in all sorts of places — capibaras in the jungle near Colon, coyotes prancing through fields, hummingbirds on my front porch, dolphins in the ocean, howler monkeys everywhere, an anteater crossing a coutnry road, even an ocelot dashing across the street in front of our house.

I’ve also seen things you really don’t want to see, like poisonous...

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