In Panama the Benefits of Red Wine vs White Wine on Health

Red wine drinkers delight in proclaiming the benefits of red wine over white wine. Although some new studies indicate there can be some benefits to drinking white wine, red wine wins out above the sweeter white flavors. Some of the important features red wine offers above the lovely whites are:
  • Red wine has a score of 7 as cited by Prevention; white wine has a score of 1
  • Red wine has less sugar content
  • Red wine has more antioxidants
  • Red wine and white have the same amount of carbs
  • Red wine contains more: potassium, choline, lutein, phosphorus, iron, magnesium
This study findings are based on a five-ounce glass of wine daily. 
New white wine studies are showing evidence that some other benefits of drinking white wine may exist. However, these studies show the alcohol content of the wine is what provides most benefits when used in moderation. Red wine is rich in resveratrol, a very good antioxidant that helps skin and organs.  Alcohol, alone, has some good benefits when taken in moderation for the heart and lungs.
Red wine helps to lower cholesterol and has some effect on raising HDL, the good cholesterol. In Panama I did interviews with three individuals who had seriously high cholesterol and did not or could not take the prescription medications and in whom the red wine lowered their cholesterol to much more tolerable rates.
  1. Male, 75, moderately active, taking only a half single 500 mg Metformin and 5mg Lisinopril daily: Blood Cholesterol in 2015 was 225; currently it is 150. He added red wine to his diet.
  2. Female, 68, seldom active, takes no medications, cholesterol was 310 for two years past. It is currently 199. Cannot tolerate any of the top cholesterol medicines.  Drinks red wine daily, seldom in the moderation recommended.
  3. Male 69, moderately active, functioning alcoholic. Drinks a bottle of red wine day since age 15. Has a Bloody Mary every morning, several glasses of red wine and a cocktail later in the day. He has had stent implants; his blood pressure is good; cholesterol is average of 200.
These three individuals eat normal diets that consist of local fresh fruits, vegetables, pasta, breads, fried or baked meats at least one meal a day. None of the individuals are obese.
The medical profession also knows of the benefits of red wine. This information comes from three separate medical doctors’ currently practicing medicine. Doctors are discouraged from discussing the advantages red wine provides over the highly profitable pharmaceutical drugs used to control cholesterol. These drugs have many negative side effects that cause other symptoms. The key to success is to drink red wine or white wine in moderation. Health benefits of drinking red wine over white wine seem to be reasonably certain from the various studies. The research continues as we raise our glass, the five-ounce size, to the benefits of red wine vs white wine on health.

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