Unfortunately, the answer to the question o

Unfortunately, the answer to the question of what are the best places to live in the world is an example of the kinds of questions that so many websites try to answer. The answer is totally determined by the individual’s taste and what they are looking for. Honestly, it’s one of those impossible questions for me to answer for a specific person, because people are just so different.
Some older or retired people may want to remain within, let’s say, two to four hours of travel distance from their home area where they have their children or grandchildren, so they can get back there or maybe they plan to visit. If you live a seven or eight hour flight away, it may cost you US $1,500 to $2,000 for a plane ticket, which makes it difficult. That is why so many Americans or Canadians end up in Central America; Panama, Mexico and the Caribbean, because it’s easy and a quick distance. Those who go to places like Uruguay or Chile end up having to pay a lot more money and it takes a lot more time so they don’t get home as frequently. If there’s a reason to get home quickly, it’s much more difficult and expensive for them than people, for example, who live in Panama.
Overall, what I think you should your choice from the viewpoint of where you want go, where you want live, and the experience you want to have.  Then, look for the countries that seem to offer that and then pick one. The country that’s closest to you might not be the appropriate one.

Best Places In The World To Retire