Writers and Publishers Given Access to Content and Experts for Articles About Living Overseas

Oro Valley, Arizona, USA—March 6, 2015— Over 5,000 answers and more than 200 interviews and stories contributed by over 400 experts about living abroad was made available to writers and publishers today by Best Places In The World To Retire.
Chuck Bolotin, Best Places In The World To Retire Vice President of Business Development explained, “This is a fabulous new resource for any writer or publisher writing about living abroad for several reasons:
  • For those doing research, the content is logically organized, so it is very easy and fast to locate and understand.
  • We generally have many different expert expats answering the same question, so we can provide the writer or publisher with a well-rounded and accurate, ‘real world’ perspective.
  • The site has interviews of the most interesting people living overseas, which a writer or publisher can republish, excerpt, or summarize.
  • We can provide access to expert sources.  All of the answers and stories provide a bio of the expert contributor and a good percentage have contact information.  If no contact information is displayed, just let me know, and I’ll make the introduction.”
Alan Alexander, Chairman of the Best Places Advisor Board added, “Two of the problems faced by people writing or publishing articles about living abroad is sourcing correct and useful information, and then sourcing the right experts.  We solve both problems.  We’re glad to be able to offer this ‘one stop shop’ for both. Writers and publishers looking for fresh ideas, content, facts, background material and experts are invited to use what we have.  We even have long form human interest interviews with who we call ‘the most interesting people living overseas’ ready to go.”
Bolotin described how he came up with the idea: “Now that we have so much valuable and usable content, it occurred to me to write an article, which I did, and that appeared in Next Avenue and Forbes.  Then, the light bulb went on.  If I can do this, others could do the same thing.  We’ve got an enormous amount of interesting, compelling source material, all well organized and easy to access, that could be the basis or provide color or additional material for articles.  All we ask is the courtesy of a link back to our site.”
Alexander summed it up, “We make it easy for writers and publishers to look good.  To get started, all they have to do it go to the site.”
About Best Places in the World to Retire
Funded and run by an experienced group of entrepreneurs and investors based primarily in Southern Arizona and utilizing an innovative business model, Best Places In The World To Retire solves the problems of two groups of people: 1) those searching for "no spin," organized, balanced, diverse and credible information about moving, doing business, or visiting overseas; and, 2) for profit and non-profit organizations seeking new clients, donors and volunteers. The main areas of the site are: 1) Community Q & A, with thousands of answers to questions, provided by a community of experts; 2) Location Advisor, a real time, interactive, fun and informative questionnaire that recommends the best places to retire; 3) Expat Stories, where real expats tell their experiences; and, 4) Marketplace, where for-profit and non-profit organizations have their commercial listings, all tied into the questions they answered and the stories they posted in a very useful way.  The eBook Panama-- the 62 Things You Must Know, by Jet Metier, is available for free download here.
Chuck Bolotin
Vice President, Business Development, Marketing & Sales
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