eBook Panama—The 62 Things You Need to Know released by Best Places in the World to Retire

Oro Valley, Arizona, USA—September 15, 2014— Best Places in the World to Retire today announced the release of its first eBook, Panama—The 62 Things You Need to Know / Plus Meet the Most Interesting People of Panama, edited, compiled and designed by Jet Metier.
“Best Places in the World to Retire is very pleased to announce the publication of our first eBook,” said Alan Alexander, Chairman of the Best Places Advisor Board.  Alan explained that, for at least a while, the eBook will be available via free download at http://bestplacesintheworldtoretire.com/download-free-ebooks
Alan added, “Our Panama eBook is just the first in a series.  Roughly six months after launching each new country, we’ll release a new eBook, each one by Jet Metier.”
Jet Metier commented, “When Best places asked me to do the book, I was thrilled.  I’m a big fan of the Best Places site and felt that I could add another dimension to what they offer.  I’m also very happy that it’s available for free via a download, so the most people can enjoy it.”
Jet explained that, rather than just re-do the Best Places’ site in book format, she had a different vision for the book, and one that Best Places management heartily endorsed.  “I imagined that I had a friend who was doing research into moving to Panama, doing business there, or just visiting, and that my friend asked me to advise them.  The great part was that, I had over 300 diverse, entertaining and interesting people who had experience living in Panama to first advise me—the contributors to Best Places.  From the Best Places site, I culled their insight, their wisdom and their experiences, and created a completely new presentation, complete with completely new graphics and organization.  It’s all meant to be as helpful as possible, and also, I hope, to be an entertaining and enjoyable read.”
Chuck Bolotin, the Vice President of Business Development, Marketing & Sales at Best Places added, “We asked Jet to meet only two criteria for the book: 1) make it useful; and, 2) make it interesting and fun to read.  She’s delivered on both.  The book is not only useful, but its fun to read, and even a bit quirky.  It’s a great way to leverage the wonderful content provided by the contributors to the Best Places’ site, and to present it in a new way.”
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