Tucson Arizona Entrepreneurs Launch Website for People Considering Retiring Abroad

Tucson, Arizona, USA—July 13, 2011— A group of local businesspeople announced today that they founded an Internet-based company with the working name “Best Places in the World to Retire.”

Best Places In The World To Retire's Customers and Their Problems

“The company will have two customers”, explains Chuck Bolotin, one of the founders: “1) North Americans considering retiring overseas and 2) the most credible vendors who would like to sell to them.”

Chuck explained that, just in the US, there are 10,000 people who retire every day, a trend that he says is projected to continue for the next 19 years. “For many reasons, financial and otherwise, a good percentage of these people are now considering retiring overseas, and that trend is accelerating.” For validation, Chuck pointed to Google Adwords, which displays how many times a search term is entered by someone doing a search.

“For example, for just US-based searchers, even the term ‘best places in the world to retire’ is typed in 1,900 times per month and ‘places to retire in the world’ is typed in 2,400 times per month. Add that to all the other search terms we’ve targeted and you have many tens of thousands of people actively typing search terms into Google and other search engines about retiring overseas. While some of the sites the searchers find are credible, far too many are not because many sites have a rather transparent agenda of trying to sell the retiree something.

“When potential retirees visit these other sites, a very large percentage of them don’t develop any faith in the information they’re seeing, and as a result, stop doing their research and just give up on retiring overseas. The result is that a very, very substantial quantity of potential customers are lost, without the vendors even knowing it, even to the best vendors, who have no good way to distinguish themselves as being credible and trustworthy. In contrast, the site we’re developing will be designed differently so that these potential retirees are not put off, because what they will see will be credible. What this means for Best Places’ vendors is a substantial increase in the quantity of interested, qualified, well-informed prospects.” Chuck explained that the way the company plans to do this is through many different people in the community, some vendors, some not, answering the questions potential retirees ask, with Best Places completely neutral on the answers.

Chuck pointed out further that that there are a large number of vendors who would like to sell to these researchers because these researchers are exactly the type of people most likely to become customers of the vendors, but the vendors don’t know how to reach their potential new customers or can’t credibly and inexpensively reach them.

“Let’s say you’re a real estate agent in Panama”, said Chuck. “You know there’s thousands and thousands of North Americans who could potentially be your customer. How do you credibly let them know who you are, establish a basis of trust, and start a dialogue that could ultimately result in a new, long-term customer?

“You could put up a website and hope you get traffic, but that doesn’t help much, because even if your website is popular, the average prospect in the US or Canada doesn’t know or trust you. You could also advertise with one or more of the less credible sites I mentioned earlier, or you could do nothing, and let a potentially huge opportunity just pass you by.”

The Best Places In The World To Retire Solution For Its Customers' Problems

Chuck explained that, on Best Places, the management team plans for vendors to be allowed to answer questions and post stories. “There’s a number of reasons why this will work so well for vendors,” Chuck said.

He explained how it works. “In the first stage, the potential retiree (who is a potential customer to the vendor and a Best Places visitor) types a search term into Google or some other search engine. The search term is an almost exact match to one of the thousands of questions on the Best Places site, which will cause Best Places to come up high in the search engine results page. When the searcher clicks on the Best Places link, he or she will be taken to Best Places’ Community Q & A, where the question will be answered. Who gets to answer the question? In addition to other knowledgeable people in the community, vendors answer them, providing these vendors with free publicity in areas where they have expertise, and by definition, in an area in which their potential customer has an active interest. How do we know the potential customer has an active interest? Because he or she typed in the search term in the first place.”

“This creates value in two areas: for the visitor, it answers their question. For the vendor, it provides them with free publicity and exposure as an expert, thereby fulfilling the first stage of the sales process: providing value to your prospect and building a relationship based on trust.”

About Chuck Bolotin

Chuck is well-known in the Tucson area as a serial entrepreneur and for consulting under On Target Consultants, a firm specializing in “go to market” strategies. Chuck founded, funded, ran and sold two companies and brought products to market for a dozen others. He is a frequent lecturer at the Eller College of Management, MBA Program, University of Arizona, a Business Mentor at the Arizona Center for Innovation, and other organizations, and he frequently sits in on the Screening Committee for the Desert Angels (a group of accredited investors).

About Best Places in the World to Retire

Funded and run by an experienced group of entrepreneurs and investors based primarily in Southern Arizona, BestPlacesintheWorldtoRetire.com will be dedicated to providing the current or “almost” retiree with organized, unbiased, credible information about retiring abroad, all in an easy to use format. The three main areas of the site will be: 1) Community Q & A, with thousands of answers to questions, provided by a community of experts; 2) Location Advisor, an interactive, fun and informative guide to the best locales in which to retire, presented in a questionnaire format; and, 3) Expat Stories, where real expats tell their experiences. A section for Marketplace and Vendor Q & A is planned for release after the site is up and running for a few months.


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