Best Places In The World to Retire Adds Nicaragua As Second Country

Oro Valley, Arizona, USA—March 1, 2014— Best Places In the World To Retire today announced the launch of Nicaragua as its second country.
“As investors and advisors, we couldn’t be more pleased with the rapid and impressive progress made by the Best Places team,” said Alan Alexander, Chairman of the Best Places Advisory Board.  “Our first objective was to get Panama up and running, and in so doing, to work out any unanticipated problems, whether it would be with our software, our sales and marketing plan, the user experience, the vendor experience, or with our overall execution.  I’m very happy to report that we had very few issues, and we’re right on track.”
Best Places’ Vice President of Business Development, Marketing & Sales, Chuck Bolotin, explained how Nicaragua was rolled out.  “As designed, we took what we learned from our experience in all areas of implementing Panama as our first country, and put that experience to good affect with Nicaragua.  For example, instead of publishing the questions and then frantically trying to get them answered so our visitors would have immediate answers to their questions, we were fortunate enough to have contributors answer over 100 questions before going live.  One of the primary companies to help us to do this was ECI Development, headed by Mike Cobb.  We are very grateful to Mike and his team for making our Nicaragua debut such a success.  This created more value for everyone and sets the stage for much more value going forward.”
Alan Alexander commented, “With every new country added, we expect to continue to refine the model, not only from the perspective of more easily adding new countries and contributors, but also, even more importantly, with making the experience of our visitors the best of anything they can find, anywhere on the web or elsewhere.  We’re well on our way.”
“Our numbers of contributors participating, questions answered, and new and continuing visitors to our site are very exciting,” said Chuck Bolotin.  With every new contributor, new question answered, and new country, we continue to add value and make the best overall user experience.  We’re very excited about replicating the model into the future.”
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Chuck Bolotin
Vice President, Business Development, Marketing & Sales
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