Study Released: Is it Cheaper to Live Abroad?

Oro Valley, Arizona, USA—December 12, 2015— Best Places In The World To Retire released the study “Expat Reports: Is it Cheaper to Live Abroad” for free download.   Examples of findings include:
  • What percentage of respondents report the cost of living in their expat country is less than half the cost of living in their country of origin.
  • Which country our respondents reported as having the lowest cost of living. 
  • What expats do with the money they could save with a lower cost of living.
  • Did Canadians or Americans reduce their expenses more.  
  • Did Canadians or American expats have the most dramatic increase in financial peace of mind.
  • Which sex reduced their level of chores more when living abroad: women or men. 
  • What percentage of respondents indicated that one would have a much better lifestyle or a little better lifestyle in their home abroad. 
  • What percentage of our expat respondents said that, for the same money, their lifestyle abroad was “much better," and what percentage said it would be “much better” in their country of origin. 
Chuck Bolotin, Vice President of Business Development explained, “The study reports on one of the most important reasons people decide to move to Panama, Belize or Nicaragua, and it does so by asking people actually living abroad for their opinions.  While a lower cost of living shouldn't be the only reason people move abroad, it certainly is one of the most important, and this study provides that information, not from biased sources, but from expats already living abroad."
Alan Alexander, Chairman of the Best Places Advisor Board added, “Just like our first study in this series, Expats: Expectations & Reality," the format and content of this study is perfect for journalists and publishers.  Right after the cover, we have ‘Hot Tidbits for Journalists’, which provides the most interesting results and suggested story lines.  We also provide infographics, comments by the expats themselves, expert analysis, and access to experts for journalists.  Within reason, Best Places will even run a custom query for news organizations against our database and provide custom graphics.”
Bolotin commented on the breadth of the study by saying, "There is more to this study than just a dry recitation of facts about the costs of items.  We also ask questions about how the cost differences affected the expats lifestyle and overall happiness.  This study is a real 'eye opener' and provides lots of proof and examples that what lots of expats have been saying for years is actually true."
The study is available for free download at
Alexander said, " This cost of living study is really a ‘must read' for people considering moving overseas and those reporting or commenting on the phenomenon.  Now that we've published it, it is an irreplaceable resource." 
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