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The construction standards here in Managua are the same as in San Francisco, California. Our construction code was almost a copied from the...Read More
How bad the mosquitoes and bugs are in Managua, depends on the season. During rainy season, there are a lot of mosquitoes, but once rainy s...Read More
Yes you can absolutely wear jewelry in Ambergris Caye and still feel safe at the same time. Although, most people choose not to wear flashy...Read More
We do not see a lot of crimes here in Ambergris Caye. If you are on Facebook and you post a status that you are on vacation and when you co...Read More
In Boquete, whether you need a four-wheel drive or not depends on where you are going. There are lots of people who do not need one. I need...Read More
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Before we moved to Panama, we spent 18 months to 2 years researching where in the world we wanted to relocate to, Panama was not even on ou...Read More
On a sunny Sunday morning, my husband and I walked into Boquete. We live about 2 miles away, uphill from the little town of Boquete. The wa...Read More
[Editor's note: When Jet Metier couldn’t conduct the interview of Robert Adams, Chuck Bolotin, the Vice President of Business Development a...Read More
Presented with permission of Bob Adams, of Retirement Wave."Strategic planning is worthless - unless there is first a st...Read More
Across from our high rise in Coronado was once a small hostel, and its owner was a friend of ours. But he had some quirks. He liked anima...Read More

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