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The number of expats living in Nicaragua is increasing every year. According to Immigration numbers about 60% of them come from Central Am...Read More
Building a new home is one of the most exciting and fulfilling things to do. Being able to take your dreams, your preferences and your ide...Read More
When the Americans turned over the Panama Canal to the Panamanians in 1999, the Panamanian economy lost the revenue from many thousands of ...Read More
From my personal experience as an expat Canadian living in Panama, I can say that I have been treated very well in Panama, and so has my wi...Read More
The design, approval and construction of a home in Panama is a little different than in the US or Canada. All home plans must be signed by...Read More
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Weddings have always been a big deal for everyone. It is a very special day for every couple that makes a deep commitment in their lives. ...Read More
On September 7, the Panama men’s and women’s flag football national teams will be flying to Grosseto, Italy, for the International Federati...Read More
Homesickness hits us all here in Panama. Of course, any place you move to outside the US you will find the same thing. For me it too...Read More
Ahhh, Panama, you have been sitting wherever for months trying to learn as much as you can about this place, finding some great info and so...Read More
Another sunny and breezy day. It´s late in the day and I´m just now ready for lunch, waiting for my grilled tuna sandwich with a tall glas...Read More

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