Best Places in the World to Retire Announces European-Based Software Development Firm HTmyTH to Join with California-Based ARTiculate Productions to Finish Best Places Website

Oro Valley, Arizona, USA—June 22, 2012— Best Places in the World to Retire today announced that Finnish software development firm HTmyTH will join with Thousand Oaks California-based ARTiculate Productions to finish the Best Places website and provide ongoing support.

Ray Carter, HTmyTH President and CEO said “I’m honored to be part of the Best Places team and to be working with ARTiculate Productions.  The work done by ARTiculate is clearly first-rate.  We’re eager to add our expertise to the overall effort, and to be a part of the Best Places team well into the future.”

The development of the Best Places’ site had been delayed due to what Chuck Bolotin, Vice President, Business Development called “understandable, but sub-standard performance of our previous web developers.  We’re developing a business based on excellence, with visitors and vendors who have every right to who demand that excellence.  Management’s objective is to serve our visitors and vendors.  In order to do so, irrespective of how long it takes, we must demand only the highest quality.”

Chuck further said “Ray and his team have a well-earned reputation for quality software engineering, architecture and web development, adhering to the highest standards.  They’re also known to write very maintainable code, which means that the site will be stable for our visitors and vendors.  The most important thing we need from a web developer is quality, and with the addition of Ray and his team to our existing team, we are extremely confident that we have what it takes to finish the site, launch it, and maintain it into the future.  I couldn’t be more pleased.” 

About Best Places in the World to Retire

Funded and run by an experienced group of entrepreneurs and investors based primarily in Southern Arizona, is dedicated to providing the current or “almost” retiree with organized, unbiased, credible information about retiring abroad, all in an easy to use format. The three main areas of the site are: 1) Community Q & A, with thousands of answers to questions, provided by a community of experts; 2) Location Advisor, an interactive, fun and informative guide to the best places to retire, presented in a questionnaire format; and, 3) Expat Stories, where real expats tell their experiences.  The site is scheduled for a “soft launch” late in the fourth quarter of 2012, and a section for Marketplace and Vendor Q & A is planned for release in the second quarter of 2013.


Chuck Bolotin

Vice President, Business Development

(520) 498-0427

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