Best Places in the World to Retire Released To Search Engines

Oro Valley, Arizona, USA—May 1, 2013— Best Places in the World to Retire announced that its site was released to Google and the other major search engines today.
"In order to maximize the quantity of people the search engines send to a site like ours, the best search engine optimization (“SEO”) practice is to wait to release until the site has ‘critical mass’, or a sufficient quantity of content”, explained Alan Alexander, Chairman of the Best Places Advisory Board.  Alan continued, “We had assumed we’d have enough content to release by May 1, but we greatly exceeded our expectations.  The executive team can now point to over 650 answers, all perfectly tuned for SEO and 26 Expat Stories, which is substantially more than we thought we could achieve.”
Alan gave a bit more background by adding “Along the way, the team pulled off a ‘triple play’—they signed up one of the largest and most prestigious hospitals in Panama; by far the largest and best known real estate development in Panama; and by far the largest hotel management company in Panama.  Our executive team and all our valued vendors have done a fabulous job.  We couldn’t be more pleased and excited.”
Chuck Bolotin, Vice President of Business Development commented "The last time we issued a press release, I thanked ARTiculate Productions and HTmyTH as stand-out and talented vendors, and of course, they’re entitled again; they’ve done a great job.  In addition, today I have another group to thank, one whose knowledge, experience, advice, commitment to value and providing quality, creativity and energy are now an essential part of what I gratefully call ‘our site’.  That group I wish to thank is our contributors.  These are the vendors and their associates, the knowledgeable people and the visitors who answered the questions and posted the stories.  The reason I call it ‘our site’ is that, from now on, the Best Places site belongs to our contributors as well.  They are just as much a part of it as any of us, and will continue to be so, as we all go forward and then add visitors to our family.”
Alan explained that, once the search engines crawl the site, any questions with at least one answer and all posted stories, as well as the Location Advisor and rest of the site will begin appearing on search engine result pages.  From there, people doing research will click through and read the answer on the Best Places site, complete with a picture of the person answering the question, their name, and, if they represent a company, their company name.”
Chuck elaborated, “This is a great way for our vendor contributors to receive publicity in front of people who could become their customers.  First, our vendors provide value to those researching retiring abroad.  As a result, if, in the opinion of the visitor, the vendor has provided value and earned the goodwill and trust of the visitor, it is only natural that the visitor would want to do business with that vendor and become his or her customer.  This holds true not only for real estate agents, but also for lawyers, hotels, hospitals, and all our other vendors.  Everyone wins.” 
About Best Places in the World to Retire
Funded and run by an experienced group of entrepreneurs and investors based primarily in Southern Arizona, is dedicated to providing the current or “almost” retiree with organized, unbiased, credible information about retiring abroad, all in an easy to use format. The three main areas of the site are: 1) Community Q & A, with thousands of answers to questions, provided by a community of experts; 2) Location Advisor, an interactive, fun and informative guide to the best places to retire, presented in a questionnaire format; and, 3) Expat Stories, where real expats tell their experiences.
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