Best Places in the World to Retire Adds Belize to Panama and Nicaragua as Overseas Baby Boomer Destination

Oro Valley, Arizona, USA—December 1, 2014— Further extending its innovative business model and serving a rapidly increasing community of visitors and vendors, Best Places in the World to Retire announced that Belize was added today as the third country on its website.
“We are very pleased to add Belize, following Panama and Nicaragua,” said Alan Alexander, Chairman of the Best Places Advisor Board.  In only 19 months, we’ve released three countries, and our over 400 contributors have posted over 4,500 answers and 183 Expat Stories.  By rapidly leveraging our novel business model, we’re right on target to become the preeminent site in our category."
Chuck Bolotin, Best Places in the World to Retire Vice President of Business Development, Marketing & Sales explained how the site works for both visitors and vendors.  "For our visitors, those doing research into moving, doing business, or visiting overseas, Best Places was designed from the beginning as a 'one stop shop'.  Our Question & Answer area fulfills the need for credible answers about basic data, such as cost of living, healthcare, safety, and so on, provided by multiple people, with multiple points of view.  If our visitor wants more of a feel for the place he or she is researching, Expat Stories provides the more human element, where expats either write about their day-to-day life overseas, or are interviewed about it.  For our for profit and non-profit vendors, our site parallels the consultative sales process, where the first part of the process isn't to sell anything, but rather, to add value and gain trust, which our vendors do by honestly answering questions and posting stories.  It is only after that trust has been achieved that the vendor can earn a new client.  On our platform, everyone wins." 
Bolotin further stated, “With the addition of Belize, we add even more useful content for our loyal and growing group of visitors, and another dimension to what is now available to them.  Also, Belize is our first English-speaking country, which is important for many people.”
Alexander added, “Just like when we added Nicaragua several months ago, the company continues to learn how to efficiently bring in useful content to serve our visitors and our vendors.  We’re very thankful to our premier contributors, who, together, combined for almost 400 answers in the pre-launch for Belize so that, when we did launch, we did so with lots of good content for our visitors.  These customers include ECI Development, Boris Mannsfeld & Associates, Caye Bank, and Grand Baymen.  They have given us a very fast start in this beautiful country.  We look forward to bringing on approximately four more countries in 2015 and continuing our success.”
About Best Places in the World to Retire
Funded and run by an experienced group of entrepreneurs and investors based primarily in Southern Arizona and utilizing an innovative business model, Best Places In The World To Retire solves the problems of two groups of people: 1) those searching for "no spin," organized, balanced, diverse and credible information about moving, doing business, or visiting overseas; and, 2) for profit and non-profit organizations seeking new clients, donors and volunteers. The main areas of the site are: 1) Community Q & A, with thousands of answers to questions, provided by a community of experts; 2) Location Advisor, a real time, interactive, fun and informative questionnaire that recommends the best places to retire; 3) Expat Stories, where real expats tell their experiences; and, 4) Marketplace, where for-profit and non-profit organizations have their commercial listings, all tied into the questions they answered and the stories they posted in a very useful way.
Chuck Bolotin
Vice President, Business Development, Marketing & Sales
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