What it's like living in Panama

If you like warm weather and a slower pace of life then Panama is a perfect place for you.

I get tons of emails asking why I moved to Panama and what it’s like here.Pedasi, Azuero Peninsula, Panama – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Living

I say why not! Panama is affordable and gives me everything I need. There is so much life here! Amazing fishing, surfing, beautiful birds and flowers and the people are so nice. I am constantly greeted as I walk through my little town of Pedasi with “Buenas” (the local way to say hello).

The local people here are so willing to help out and seem to welcome the growing expat community.

A typical day for me: I wake to the sound of tropical birds and often have a nice breeze blowing. I open all the doors and windows and spend most of my time outside on the covered veranda. After sipping my Panamanian coffee, I take a walk to the ocean about 1/4 mile away. I am greeted by the almost empty shoreline…ahhh.

For lunch I stop in a local restaurant in Pedasi for the “Comida del dia” only $3 a plate! This consists of flavorfully stewed chicken with rice and beans..Delicious! Afternoons are sometimes spent working in the yard planting flowers or planting seeds. Right now I have bananas, papayas and plantains growing in my yard. I pick them each day and often make smoothies.

I love it when the vegetable truck drives by and I can buy fresh fruit and veggies for very little. I also love going in to town on Friday nights to see the local “Expat” band and meet friends. Did I mention the Friday afternoon Spanish class followed by a yoga session? Not to mention the $40 deep tissue massage. WOW I am living in Paradise! For far less that I lived in the US.

 Every year there are tons of festivals and events in Pedasi as well as an amazing Carnival celebration. But regardless of where you settle in Panama, you will always find tons of expats and awesome weather that’s for sure..Why not live the dream?

I love Living in Pedasi, Panama and look forward to our growing gated condominium community here at Pedasi Palms.

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