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Fundacion Ayudando A Vivir – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingIn these days that moral and family values seem to be hiding in different ways, we are responsible to fight back to ensure that the new generation has a place where they will raise their children that will be safe, not only from crime or violence, but the safest place we can provide to give them values, as the best legacy we can give them.
The decrease in marriage has been considerable.  Divorces have increased incredible fast.  Abortion is something that women take lightly, that doesn’t represent anything to them.  What is happening in this society?
And what to say about religious schools, or churches, around the world?  All of them are having problems.  But, why?
Are people changing?  Or has the world changed so much that people don’t care anymore about each other?  Are we in a situation that nothing matters any more?
Many things are taken in consideration when you are seeking to move, or retire, especially abroad. Well, there are countries that really have lost their values more than others.  And values is one thing that Panamá, among other countries in Latin America, still has.
I don’t know why, but when you compare your time in other cities, for example, within the United States, with Panamá, you realize that time moves more slowly in Panamá than in powerful countries.  It seems as if, in Panamá, you have more time to share with family and friends, and to socialize.  Why?
I think it is just because you want to make time for what is important to you, and share with the people that you care about.  In Panamá, you work to live, while in the United States, you live to work.

This is all in addition to the cost of living in Panamá, which is much lower than in the United States.  But, to be vey fair, I can say that there are significant important things better in the United States than in other countries.
So, yes, Panamá is a small country, and is not perfect.  But the values in Panamá are very high.  People care for each other, no matter if they know you or not.  People are friendly and warm.  If you are sick, they will bring you meals.  They don’t care if you are a new neighbor, or a very old one.  They are there for you.  People in the country help you out the minute that they realize you need any type of help, even if they don’t understand your language.
The people in Panamá enjoy nature.  There are plenty of mountains, beaches, jungles, rivers, birds, exotic animals, resorts, islands, and so many things in the environment that Panamanians are blessed with, not to mention the best weather you can find; a tropical paradise all year round. 
(Pictured: Fundación "Ayudando a Vivir" (Helping to live Foundation), in the 24th  of December neighborhood.)


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