Sunshine Morning Invites the Camera to Come Outdoors

We enjoy our coffee on the patio in Boquete, Panama, most mornings. This recent Sunday the weather was spectacular. We filled our coffee thermos and hastily dressed for a ride around Boquete while there was time before the clouds and rain arrived!
First stop was the Tourist Information Center at the bottom of the hill from where we live. Great timing, we had the camera this time and the White-nosed Coati troupe was there as if on cue. Best to see between 8:30 and 9:00 am.
 Cute critters. 
 After that, we drove to the town of Boquete. I wanted to drive the loop and off we went. Such beautiful blue skies and golden sunshine should not be wasted. Here are the views ( only a few) that we enjoyed.
Beautiful Boquete bathing in the sunshine. Sunday morning there is less traffic, but it is still busy all over town. Then we drove on towards the mountains.
There is Utube video with music. The title is A Sunday Drive Around Boquete. The views around Boquete are timeless.

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