My Move Abroad

Apology- sort of!

Editor's note: Written in response to Is an Expat Living Abroad a True American?
1. In my view, being an American is more than the happy accident of how the geography of your birth bestowed upon you citizenship, or even where you physically reside.  In my view, being an American is subscribing to a set of shared American values.  “America” is more than a piece of paper or a place.  “America” is an idea.

2. In my view, the first principle...

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Harbor in Turkey – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingIn 2011 I took a short holiday in Bodrum, south-west Turkey, popular with British tourists. Enjoyed it and spent a few days looking at property, helped by several generous locals; we were driven all over to visit several locations up to 100 km away from our hotel without obligation, all offers of payment refused. 
Once we stopped at a tea-room beside a lake where the owner served 'chai' with pastries for 3 of us, lent his binoculars to view...

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Mike Cobb: The Hardest Working Man in Central America, Creating Communities that Evoke Familiar Melodies

Mike Cobb CEO of ECI Development – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingThese places would seem to the native inhabitants to be neglected lands of unruly bushes and trees with views that were pretty, but where one did not linger while on one’s way to somewhere else. But to Mike Cobb, these were places to turn into communities with a network of pathways close to the cool porches of neighbors one would regularly visit.
In this interview, Jet Metier learns that though not a builder by training or a developer by plan, Mike Cobb...

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The Good Life in Boquete, Panama

Good friends, good coffee, great climate.  Why not check out Boquete?
It was sad seeing the changes in America in the 2009, 2010, 2011 years. Obama had proven to be a total disillusionment. The rising cost of living was hitting us hard with increased costs for medical care and fuel, higher taxes, and Obamacare looming out there at the time. We were worried. Arne worked and earned good money as a freelance sound-man mostly for Lockheed...

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Are You an American Expat?

Who Is Considered An American Expat?

Calling yourself an ex-patriot does not necessarily mean you renounce or reject your home country.   An expatriate is any person living in a different country from where they were born as a citizen.   Recently, the term "expat" is often used in the context of professionals working abroad such as oil workers or missionaries.

What About Obamacare and the Expat?

In the new Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax code, expats are...

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My Two Getaways in Chiriqui Panama

I don't spend all of my time in Boquete, even though it is a very easy place to live with lots of good places to eat and the nice weather and cool temperatures there are times I need a little beach. Just two hours southwest of my home in the mountains is Limones, a little beach town that is home to Hooked on Panama, a gringo fishing resort that is finally getting the recognition it deserves and a few local fishermen and a few cowboys, and a couple of rice farmers. Having been born on Cape...

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A Writer in Panamá

When I retired, I moved to France. But I found France had become – not the political entity “The United States of America”, and not part of either of the two continents by the name, but rather America – the occidental culture (or lack thereof) of hucksterism. The one that has each person pulling what he or she can out of as many other people’s pockets as possible while trying to outyell those others in a quest for attention – the culture of multinational firms that have...

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